Wegmans officially opens in the East Village (2024)

By Aaron Ginsburg

October 18, 2023

Wegmans officially opens in the East Village (1)

All images courtesy of Wegmans

Manhattan’s first Wegmans grocery store has finally opened its doors. Located at 770 Broadway in the East Village, the 87,500-square-foot Wegmans Astor Place offers the grocer’s signature affordable prices and prepared food options, as well as Next Door, a 94-seat restaurant with a sushi bar and Champagne-oyster bar which is expected to open during the first half of 2024. The grocery store, which replaced a Kmart, is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Wegmans officially opens in the East Village (2)

Curated by Executive Chef David Lopatynski and his staff, prepared food options include sushi, salads, sandwiches, soups, pizza and wings, and Asian cuisine. The store also offers a wide selection of ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat entrees.

According to Eater, the store’s layout is in a “doughnut shape,” with the most popular items located in the center of the store.

Wegmans officially opens in the East Village (3)

The new grocery store is replacing the Kmart on Astor Place, an oddly beloved neighborhood fixture that in July 2021 closed suddenly after 25 years of business. The store was only one of two Kmart locations in Manhattan, the other of which was located in Penn Station and closed in early 2020.

Wegmans officially opens in the East Village (4)

Wegmans paid tribute to the storied history of its former occupier by keeping some of Kmart’s original interior design features, such as a number of columns that were part of Kmart’s layout, according to TimeOut.

The East Village store is the brand’s first Manhattan location and its second location in New York City, with the other outpost located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Brooklyn store opened in October 2019 and saw more than 25,000 shoppers arriving for its grand opening, breaking the chain’s record for opening day sales.


  • Wegmans announces October opening for first Manhattan store
  • First Wegmans store in Manhattan will have a seafood restaurant and sushi bar
  • Wegmans will open in the old Astor Place Kmart location in 2023

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After closing in March, Veselka reopened for takeout and delivery at the end of April, and both their main location and their secondary spot in the Market Line food hall are open for outdoor dining. But like so many others across the city, the 66-year-old Ukrainian restaurant is struggling without indoor dining.In a video interview with photographers James and Karla Murray, second-generation co-ownerTom Birchard said, "We need to have more tables than we have right now to survive long-term."

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After a two month break, McSorely's Old Ale House officially reopened on Friday. The East Village watering hole, which claims to be the oldest bar in New York City, announced a new take out menu, including its two ale options, light or dark, served in to-go growlers. The reopening comes after a two-month closure due to the coronavirus, the longest the historic bar has ever been closed, as EV Grieve first reported.
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Treat yourself this Friday to a meal of pierogis followed by cheesecake. East Village icons Veselka and Veniero's Pasticceria & Caffe, the Ukrainian restaurant that started in 1954 and the Italian bakery that opened in 1894 respectively, will both reopen for takeout and delivery on May 1. Eater spotted the news on Veniero's Instagram that the bakery will reopen fortakeout, delivery, and curbside pickup. Likewise, Veselka posted on their Instagram that they will open for takeout and delivery.

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Wegmans officially opens in the East Village (2024)


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