ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (2024)

by Corpsvette

With the release of Layer 7 Violence, we have new levels to P-Rank and find all the secrets for.

This guide is intended for those who are just going for secrets or the challenges for the level, not to get them at the same time as a P-Rank attempt.

In this guide I will be detailing where to find each of the secrets and how to complete the challenges for the following levels:



First Secret

ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (1)
In the room immediately to the right of the entrance, look at the ceiling and go in the hole, you will find a soul orb

Second Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (2)
In the room with the “alpha” button, you can slide underneath the platform into a small crack and retrieve another soul orb

Third Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (3)
In the room with a body of water beneath the bridge, look towards one of the ends of the body of water and slide into the open hole (directly where my reticle is pointed at) to retrieve another soul orb

Fourth Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (4)
In the room where the minotaur charged in, enter the way he came which is a large open space. The building that is being looked at in the above image will have a blood orb on top of it. Be careful as two giant cerberi will awaken right next to you.

Fifth Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (5)
In the same room as the fourth secret, there will be three closed doors, when walking towards one of the doors, it will open revealing a hint towards the secret encounter and the last soul orb.

ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (6)
At any point after you acquire the blue skull key and one of the shortcuts to return to the beginning, you can access the challenge. All you have to do is return to the room where you originally picked up the red skull key and instead place the blue skull key on the mannequin. Once you do this a passageway to the left will appear allowing you to enter the final encounter.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (7)
This is the location of the secret encounter, good luck as it’s a fun boss.



First Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (8)

When proceeding through the station like normal, look towards the second yellow sling and there is a small passage behind it with a soul orb to be picked up

Second Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (9)
You must enter the station from the back end and you will see an open door that leads to some steps going down, a soul orb, and a lore book which is required otherwise to be able to do the challenge
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (10)

Third Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (11)
Following the required stop with the two Guttermen at the train station, you can jump off the tram to go underneath the bridge that leads you to the next building. You can easily grab the soul orb shown in the picture without much resistance.

Fourth Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (12)
On the roof of the train station where the two Guttermen attack you, there is a hole in the ceiling and a soul orb waiting for you. This also seems to be the location of where the new Alternate weapon will be, however, as of 12/20/2023, it is not released, and is under construction.

Fifth Secret
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (13)
In the far distance, past the clock tower, there is a lone building with a blood orb located inside. I did my best to point to where it is as my reticle is right on top of it, however, it is in a bit of a finnicky spot. For reference, the building on the left is the train station from before. However, be prepared for a fight as a Sisyphean Insurrectionist will spawn after you pick it up.

This challenge is not nearly as straightforward as it seems because of several very specific enemy triggers, I will do my best to walk you through the steps I took.
1. Run past the Gutterman with the health bar in the beginning room, the door is open behind him, just ignore him
2. Do not engage the first arena with the swords machine and the Gutterman, instead run into the hills on the right side of the map
3. There is a very small hole that allows you to drop into the room with the switches in the first station, because it would be nearly impossible to see normally, I have attached an image that I took while in full bright mode to help show the location
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (14)
The white square below is the hole I am referring to, this is on the right side of the clock tower.
4. Drop down and send the tram going at full speed, stand at the very back of the tram and jump off right before you are pulled into the arena, and walk around outside it
5. If done correctly the front of your tram will be on the other side (note: this does not have to be perfect, just do your best not to walk to far in to get your tram out), continue forward to the building holding the bomb
6. Next approach the red skull key arena from the back and use anything strong to break the top of the skull key container (Piercer Revolver, Slab Revolver, Knuckleblaster, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun Punching, Core Eject, etc.) and yoink it with the whiplash
7. Head on over to the bomb building and proceed as normal.
8. Send the tram back from where it came after getting the bomb attached and then do the same trick we did in step 4, still can’t afford to trigger the Gutterman arena.
9. Take that baby all the way back to the original station and ignore the Gutterman and Guttertank, bomb your way through the wall and you’re in the home stretch.
10. The final room requires a very specific pattern to not spawn the enemies and where is that? That’s right, the book from secret two, for convenience sake I will both attach the image and type out the directions
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (15)
> < < > < < > > < > > < >
Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right

Slabs/Alternate Weapon


Note: These may be out of order in terms of which dot they represent for the completion icon, but I will be ordering them in what is most convenient from start to finish. Also forgive me for poor images in this level, the lighting makes it very difficult to show where I am, I will do my best to describe the secrets and their locations.

First Secret
Looking at the first blood tree from the entrance, move up onto the higher platform to the right and follow the bridge the curves down.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (16)
Looking at this bridge, go under it, and dash into the cave/hole underneath to locate your first soul orb of the level.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (17)

Second Secret
Stand back on top of the bridge that was just described in the first secret and look in the opposite direction of the soul orb you just received to see what looks like just a block.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (18)
You can dash around or climb on top to get to the other side, which holds our second soul orb. After picking it up, it will open a door leading back to the main path.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (19)

Third Secret
Following the completion of the blood tree to the east of the beginning, in the room after the street cleaners, there should be two mannequins that jumpscare you.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (20)
In this room you can look down and below the stairs will be our last orb.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (21)

Fourth Secret
To the direct right of the where you begin the challenge (Read Ahead) over the walls is a soul orb for easy pickings. It can be seen in the picture below (look for the grey orb as I had already picked it up by this point)
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (22)

Fifth Secret
The last secret for this level is a blood orb that can be found in the walls of the east arena that comes right before the second blood tree. Simply slam storage or wall climb your way up.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (23)

The challenge for this level is not easy in of itself, but activating very much so is. After activating the first blood tree, line yourself up with the left door and either slam storage or ground pound jumping to gain height to get on top of the tunnel which should lead you to see the following:
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (24)
Once clicking “Yes” the level will now become much more difficult as all of the enemies will now be targeting you rather than infighting among themselves. This makes the second tree and the final encounter especially difficult so remain strong and do your best. It is not recommended to do this when attempting a P-Rank

Secret Level
While not currently available, we know how to access the secret level for Layer 7 which is located near the beginning of the level. It requires locating the street cleaners near the end of the level and leading them all the way back to the door to have them burn the leaves covering the door, I will show the door below:
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (25)



This challenge is very simple to activate and finish up.
First proceed up to a little before the initial security system fight near where the crane is.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (26)
Climb on top of the crane and locate the twin bars and fire the electric railcannon to activate the crane
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (27)
Once activated the crane will swing a large block into the side of the machine allowing another entrance inside, this is how you can complete the level without fighting the security system.
ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (28)
Simply proceed through the level as normal and you will be good to go.

All done for now!

Congratulations on coming this far, this is as much as Violence has to offer you as of right now. I will be updating this guide as the alternate weapon, secret level entrance, and secret level are added and detail how to achieve each of them.

ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (29)

If there is anything that I can improve or correct on this guide feel free to comment below what I should add or change.

I hope that this helps everyone clear Layer 7 and that you machines keep ULTRAKILLING.

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ULTRAKILL: Layer 7 Violence Guide (100% Completion) - KosGames (2024)


What is the secret level in 7s Ultrakill? ›

7-S: HELL BATH NO FURY is the secret mission for the VIOLENCE Layer and can be accessed through the mission [ 7-3: NO SOUND, NO MEMORY ].

How to complete the 7/2 challenge? ›

The path you need to follow is: right, left, left, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, right, left, right. You will safely reach the exit with zero kills and complete the challenge.

Where can I find the layer 7 secret mission? ›

To access it you have to burn the metal leaves/bush on the door. You can do this by Spawning or getting a street cleaner to the metal leaves/bush and standing on the metal bush so it hits the metal bush with its fire. Then just go through the door and you should be at the secret level. And that's it.

How to get to 0 s ultrakill? ›

In the room just after the Grinder Arena, there is an open vent in the ceiling that contains a hidden Blue Skull. V1 can access the vent by climbing the Cerberus seated next to the opening, or by chaining Slam Jumps. Bringing this Skull to the Blue Pedestal by Secret #4 will open the door to [0-S: SOMETHING WICKED].

How do you get P on every level in ULTRAKILL? ›

A "Perfect" or P rank is awarded for completing a level with S ranks in all three categories, without restarting once. P ranks cannot be achieved with Major Assists turned on. Achieving all P ranks in an act will unlock that act's Prime Sanctum.

Will there be ULTRAKILL Act 3? ›

Act III : GODFIST SUICIDE is the third, and supposedly final act in Ultrakill, prior to Act II.. The act got its first layer on December 20th, 2023. The game heavily implies Gabriel will be the final boss of this act.

What is the 7 minute challenge? ›

What is the 7 minute workout? The 7-minute workout is a high intensity workout that alternates between 30 seconds of high-intensity exercise and 10 seconds of rest. It includes 12 key exercises that target your major muscle groups using only your body weight, a chair, and a wall.

What is 7 4 challenge? ›

The 7/4 challenge includes 4 rounds of 7 exercises designed to give you a full-body workout with a dose of cardio for good measure. We challenge you to complete this combo! Complete 4 rounds.

How to beat secret mission 07? ›

Wait for the Death Scissors to perform one of its two main attacks (the forward snip or spinning slice) and when the scissors gleam white, hit them with Rebellion to stun the creature. Wait for a second for the red aura around the Death Scissors' face to fully form, then shoot it once for the critical hit.

Where is Secret Mission 2? ›

Secret Mission #2

Don't Let any Red Empusa escape! This secret mission is located right before fighting the Death Scissors within the library area of Mission 03. Near the grappling point, simply drop down below and there should be a Devil Breaker to collect nearby.

Where did God go in ULTRAKILL? ›

By now, God has either abandoned heaven and Hell, died or simply disappeared. There is no order and most of humanity has been left to rot in Hell due to the atrocities of the war. Heaven tried to pick up the pieces by making a holy council, but they too were corrupted by human carelessness.

How long does it take to 100% ULTRAKILL? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, ULTRAKILL is about 5½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 38 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do I enable ULTRAKILL cheats? ›

To access the Cheats Menu, the sequence "↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A" must be input while in a level, making the following message appear: Enabling cheats means you will not gain a rank upon completion of a level and a Cyber Grind high score will not be saved.

Where is the secret level in wrath ULTRAKILL? ›

I ONLY SAY MORNING is the secret level of the WRATH layer, which is located in [ 5-1: IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON ].

How to get the secret in 1 3 ULTRAKILL? ›

Secrets. (Soul Orb) - In the first room, break the glass and climb out of the room to find a Soul Orb. (Blood Orb) - The chute leading down to the Blue Skull room holds a Blood Orb. (Soul Orb) - In the Lava Stairs room, a secret cavity beneath the lowest stairs hides a Soul Orb.

How to become marked for death 7 3 ULTRAKILL? ›

Marked for Death Mode

On the left path of the level is a tunnel that will explode and reveal the first infighting portion of the level. Rather than going inside, the player must instead jump above the wall on top of the tunnel. Placed on top is a screen that gives the player the option to become marked for death.


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