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Daytime WoF Recap: October 8,1980

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Over $43K waiting to be won including…

  • amethyst ring
  • China cabinet
  • Trip to Tahiti

The contestants that day…

Sonny Edelman: physical education teacher and basketball coach from Philadelphia

Ruth Roudine: 1-day champ w/ $2,400

Janet Tahmizian: student and part-time DJ at a roller skating rink (her handle on her CB Radio is Stargazer)

Janet is the sister of Kathy who competed Nov. 13-15, 1979. And this woman would come back on the syndicated nighttime show on Sept. 21, 1983.

Round 1: PHRASE

Fair warning: this round’s gonna get ugly. -___-

Sonny: $400 T, bad O buy

Ruth: S for sorry


Sonny: $175 H, baffling K call

Ruth: $100 N, LaT

Janet: R for rats

Everybody: no L, no D, and no B respectively

Sonny: P for phooey

Ruth: C for crud

Janet: $200 M, W for worthless

Sonny: $600 G pair, two I’s, not-so-victorious V call

Ruth: LaT

Janet: $250 J (NMC), solve…

T H I N G _ M _ J I G

After that mess, Janet solved THINGAMAJIG for $450 and would spend that in the breakfast nook…

  • $312: Washington Forge stainless steel flatware
  • $60: Hamilton Beach coffee maker
  • $78 on a GC

Round 2: PHRASE

Ruth: $200 T, $600 R, two E’s, $400 S, one A, $2,700 N trio, two O’s, D for dud


Everybody: no C, no G, no L respectively

Janet: $1K H, sole dud vowel of I

Sonny: VERY FOOLISH DUD OF J — where did that come from, sir?! -__-

Ruth: just solves…

_ H E R E A _ O _ T S
_ N _ N O _ N

She solved WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN for $3,150 (Chuck noted that she could’ve gone for the W’s), which she would spend in the Touch of the Orient showcase…

  • $1,500: pair of Chinese vases
  • $935: brass drum table and stools furnished by W. & J. Sloane
  • $553: weekend getaway to Hyatt on Union Square in San Francisco via Western Airlines
  • $52: old-fashioned barware
  • $110: on a GC

Sonny: ZERO/Ruth: $3,150/Janet: $450

Round 3: TITLE

Janet: five T’s for $4,500, two H’s for $600, four E’s and five O’s, $900 B, $400 F, CRITICAL PURCHASE of I ($5,650 at risk)

Sonny: $300 V, $200 Y, $900 G, $200 M, “solve the problem”…

V O Y _ G E / T O
T H E / B O T T O M
O F / T H E / _ E _

He solved “VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA” for $1,600 to spend in the spa showcase…

  • $440: 13-inch color TV
  • $240: Newport Beach weekend getaway at the Sheraton Newport
  • $492: chaise sleeper
  • $415: personal fitness center from Marcy Fitness Products
  • $13 on a GC

Sonny: $1,600/Ruth: $3,150/Janet: $450

Speed-Up: PLACE

After Chuck’s two LaTs, consonants were worth $250 apiece and it was played for a Giorgio GC.

Sonny: T
Ruth: R
Janet: S (DUD)
Sonny: G
Ruth: N (DUD)
Janet: A
Sonny: L (DUD)
Ruth: C

C A _ R _
_ G _ _ T

Ruth located CAIRO, EGYPT for $500.

Round 1O, K, L, P, V (Sonny)
S, D, C (Ruth)
R, B, W (Janet)
2 (Ruth)Janet
Round 2D, L (Ruth)
C, I (Janet)
G, J (Sonny)
Round 3I (Janet)
Round 4S (Janet), L (Sonny), N (Ruth)

Sonny: $1,600/Ruth: $3,650 (2-day champ w/ $6,050)/Janet: $450

GT: $5,700

MY RATING: 5 (way too many duds)

Daytime WoF Recap: August 13,1980

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This was one of the first episodes to feature the late announcer Jack Clark. The intro from the source video was cut out.

Steve (last name missing): 2-day champ w/ $6,750

Kathie Cabral: art director of a magazine and mom of a 6-month-old from Honolulu, HI

Grace Peck: economics student at UC-San Diego


Steve: $300 T pair, one E, Free Spin, $200 H, three A’s, $600 L trio, bad I buy

Kathie: $900 S pair, one O (NMV), N for negative

Grace: $250 G, BANKRUPT

Steve: $150 W, $150 R, $250 D (complete board)

A L L / T H E
W O R L D ‘ S
A / S T A G E

He read the Shakespeare quote for $900 and would spend that in the beach party…

  • $455: AMF Roadmaster XL moped for his wife
  • $240: weekend getaway to Sheraton Newport in Newport Beach
  • $200: portable stereo cassette player
  • $5 on a GC

Round 2: EVENT

Kathie: instant dud of S

Grace: $250 R, $1,200 T trio, two E’s and three I’s, five N’s for $1,500 more, triple A’s, $400 L


Her Next Picks: $1,200 C trio, solve…

_ E _ _ C R A T I C
N A T I _ N A L
C _ N _ E N T I _ N

She solved the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION for $3,800, which she would spend in the fashion boutique…

  • $3,576: 1-week trip to Marriott Resort in Amsterdam and Holland
  • $200: Carol Anderson dresses
  • $24 ON ACCOUNT

Steve: $900 FS/Kathie: ZERO/Grace: $3,776 (OA: $24)


Grace: instant dud of S

Steve: $800 T pair, two E’s, no N and used FS, $200 H, one I, $400 G, $600 R pair, $300 P, $300 W, $550 L, $350 K (NMC), solve…

T I G H T R _ P E
W _ L K E R

Steve solved the circus performer of TIGHTROPE WALKER for $3K and would spend that in the home office library…

  • $1,195: Apple PC
  • $1,354: 16-foot canoe w/ mast
  • $400: Antron III carpeting GC
  • $51: on a GC

Steve: $3,900/Kathie: ZILCH/Grace: $3,776 (OA: $24)

Round 4: PHRASE

Steve: instant dud of T

Kathie: $250 S, BANKRUPT near $300

Grace: no N


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ S ‘
_ _ _ _

Consonants were worth $250 apiece.

Steve: R (DUD)
Kathie: 3 L’s
Grace: D (DUD)
Steve: P (DUD)
Kathie: 2 H’s
Grace: G (DUD)
Steve: M (DUD)
Kathie: 3 E’s

_ _ H _ L L E S ‘

Not winning any $ was Kathie’s ACHILLES HEEL, but that all changed when she solved for $1,250. Back to the fashion bouqtique…

  • $1,150: Van Cleef & Arpels 18-karat gold lizard pin with onyx
  • $100 on a GC
Round 1I (Steve), N (Kathie)Grace
Round 2S (Kathie)
Round 3S (Grace)
Round 4T, R, P, M (Steve)
N, D, G (Grace)

Steve: $3,900 (out w/ $10,650)/Kathie: $1,250/Grace: $3,776 (OA: $24)

GT: $8,926


Daytime WoF Recap: June 20,1980

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Over $38K waiting to be won including…

  • 14-karat gold money clip and lighter
  • pair of motorcycles
  • 18th century style secretary

Ken Thomas: Marine captain and A-6 pilot married w/ three children stationed at Cherry Point in North Carolina

Linda Lovier: sales assistant for an insurance company and avid bicyclist

Charlotte Nelson: 2-day champ w/ $19,100 from Hermiston, OR

Round 1: THING

Ken: LaT


Charlotte: $900 T pair, $500 H pair, two E’s, $500 N, $200 C, $200 R, BANKRUPT (lost $2,050)

Ken: $400 L, $200 S (NMC), solve…

C H _ R L E S T _ N

Ken IDed the dance as THE CHARLESTON for $600. He would shop in the collector’s boutique…

  • $450: His/Hers Raymond Weil watches (Charlie had a tickle in his throat and coughed a bit when describing this prize.)
  • $119: Brass coffee grinder
  • $31 on a GC

Round 2: PHRASE

Linda: $500 T pair, $900 H, one A and five E’s, M for mistake

Charlotte: $450 N trio, $1,200 R trio, $400 G, solve…

_ N E / G _ _ _ / T _ R N
_ E _ E R _ E _
A N _ T H E R

ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER, and Charlotte solved for $2,050. She would spend that in the living room…

  • $505: weekend getaway to Hyatt on Union Square in San Francisco via Western Airlines
  • $300: Leonard Silver silver tea/coffee set
  • $270: theater party and cash (Shubert theatre in L.A. to see “Evita” plus $150 cash for dinner service)
  • $350: Richard Ginori crystal beverage and hors d’oeuvre service (she originally wanted a candy dish)
  • $195: Louis Icard art nouveau print
  • $175: magazine bin imported from Italy
  • $255 on a GC

Ken: $600/Linda: ZIP/Charlotte: $2,050

Round 3: EVENT

Charlotte: no N on $1,500

Ken: $1,500 S, one E

Linda: LaT

Charlotte: $200 R, BANKRUPT near $1,500

Ken: $500 D, two A’s, $300 Y, two O’s


His Next Picks: $350 P, $1,600 L pair, solve…

A P R _ L
_ O O L ‘ S

No joke about this — he solved APRIL FOOL’S DAY for $3,500 to spend in the pub showcase…

  • $3,156: pair of Yamaha motorcycles (one for his son)
  • $325: gold key ring furnished by Van Cleef & Arpels
  • $19 on a GC

Chuck mentioned that prizes at the time were delivered to the contestant in 90 days.

Ken: $4,100/Linda: ZILCH/Charlotte: $2,050

Round 4: PHRASE

Ken: LaT

Linda: BANKRUPT near $300

Charlotte: $700 R


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ R _ _ _

After Chuck’s BANKRUPT near $1,500, were worth a measly $200 apiece.

Charlotte: L (DUD)
Ken: 2 S’s
Linda: 4 T’s
Charlotte: J (UGH!)
Ken: N (DUD)
Linda: G (DUD)
Charlotte: X (WHA?!)
Ken: 2 A’s
Linda: 2 P’s

_ P P _ S _ T _ S
A T R R A _ T

Linda knew OPPOSITES ATTRACT for her only $1,200 of the game. Let’s go back to the pub…

  • $950: Golden West Billiards pool table
  • $250: Golden West Billiards cue sticks
Round 1Ken2 (ladies)
Round 2M (Linda)
Round 3N (Charlotte), E (Ken)LindaCharlotte
Round 4L, J, X (Charlotte)
N (Ken)
G (Linda)
KenLinda for $0

Ken: $4,100/Linda: $1,200/Charlotte: $2,050 (out w/ $21,150)

GT: $7,350
Charlotte’s BANKRUPT TRASH: $2,050


Daytime WoF Recap: May 7,1980

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Over $34K waiting to be won including…

  • 18-karat gold lizard pin
  • travel trailer
  • trip to Bermuda

The newbies on this day…

Paul Bonnell: former DJ and father of one soon to serve in the Air Force

Diane Redding: engaged mother of two and a gas pump jockey

Cathy Morris: biochemist and pig collector (she collects 450 of all sorts) born in Paris, France

Paul passed away over 16 years ago at the age of 54 according to this obituary note I found HERE.

Round 1: THING

Paul: instant dud of T

Diane: Free Spin, $100 S (she called that right after getting the FS), N for negative

Cathy: $250 R, E for end of turn

Paul: no L

Diane: $200 D, two A’s, M for mistake

Cathy: $450 C, $200 P, $400 H (NMC), solve…

A P H R _ D _ S _ A C

It’s a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire, and Cathy solved APHRODISIAC for $1,050. She would spend that in the utility center…

  • $770: Gibson washer/dryer
  • $83: utility room accessories
  • $108: Ban-Lon men’s clothing
  • $22: car vacuum
  • $67 on a GC

Round 2: PHRASE

Diane: $900 T pair, one E and A, $900 N pair, $450 D, three O’s, LaT and used FS…


…but she LaTed out again.

Cathy: BANKRUPT in between $600/$300

Paul: BANKRUPT in between $400/$250

Diane: $800 L pair, $800 S pair, solve…

S T O _ / L O O _
A N D / L _ S T E N

When you’re at a railroad crossing, you need to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN, and this lady solved for $3,100. Let’s go to the fashion showcase…

  • $2,598: Yukon Northern Lights furnished by Club Universe
  • $270: theater party (six tickets at the Shubert Theatre in L.A. to see “Evita” plus $150 cash in this package)
  • $186: Carol Anderson dresses
  • $46: on a GC

Paul: NIL/Diane: $3,100/Cathy: $1,050

Round 3: THING

Cathy: instant dud of T

Paul: $200 S, $1,400 L pair, $400 M, four E’s, G for goof

Diane: $250 C


Her Next Picks: $300 R, $500 H, C repeat

Cathy: $500 Z pair

M _ Z Z _ R E L L _

It’s an ingredient in pizza, and Cathy solved MOZZARELLA CHEESE for that $500, which she would spend in the kids’ room…

  • $320: Silver-Reed electric typewriter
  • $90: ceramic vase and box imported from Italy
  • $69: clown print
  • $21 on a GC

No more game.

Round 1T, L (Paul)
N, M (Diane)
E (Cathy)
Round 22 (Diane)2 (Cathy, Paul)
Round 3T (Cathy), G (Paul)Diane’s C repeat

Paul: PARTING GIFTS/Diane: $3,100/Cathy: $1,550

GT: $4,650


Daytime WoF Recap: May 2,1980

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Over $33K waiting to be won including…

  • elegant flatware
  • holiday in Tahiti
  • handsome oriental rug

Gary Lipsman: waiter for a hotel/casino and 2-day champ w/ $8,850 from Las Vegas

Virginia Lindquist: homemaker and mother of one boy (she has a girl on the way) who enjoys scuba diving near Monterey since she lives in San Diego

Jan Pritchett: homemaker and mother of four sons including triplets


Gary: odd start w/ G and unsurprising dud

Virginia: $100 D, $175 N (she looked at the wrong arrow), one A, $500 T pair, $250 M, one U, $100 J, $1K F pair (NMC), solve…

J _ F F

Virginia IDed comic strip characters MUTT AND JEFF for $1,625, which she would spend in what sounds like a Roatan City showcase…

  • $1,342: trip to Best Western Pacific Beach Hotel in Hawaii via Western Airlines
  • $200: Jaff blouses
  • $55: 3 kites
  • $28: on a Giorgio GC

Round 2: THING

Virginia: instant dud of D

Jan: $450 T, triple E’s, $200 R (som close to $1K), two A’s, $200 H, L trap (she thought the second was LEATHER)

Gary: $300F, $400 P, $2K C pair, solve…

P E A C _ C _

The NBC logo has colorful PEAco*ck FEATHERs, and Gary solves for $2,700. He’ll spend that in the “shape up” showcase…

  • $2,295: Kawasaki jet ski
  • $185: Jogger’s package (headphones, Aristo pedometer, stopwatch)
  • $131: ball assortment
  • $89 on a GC

Gary: $2,700/Virginia: $1,625/Jan: ZERO


Jan: $1,200 N trio, two E’s, $1,400 T pair, sole dud vowel of A

Gary: $2K H, $500 F, four O’s, $900 M, $200 B, $500 L, $700 D, solve…

T O M B / O F / T H E
_ N _ N O _ N
_ O L D I E _

Gary’s pronunciation of the first word twice even spelled out was questionable (he said it as “tune”). After the judges ruled that he needed to say it again, he correctly emphasized the B in TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER for $4,300. He’ll spend that in the red, white and blue kitchen…

  • $600: Van Cleef & Arpels GC used to purchase a man’s pyramid ring (blue lapis on top, 14 karat gold ring base)
  • $850: Richard Ginori china & crystal for his parents
  • $460: KitchenAid trash compactor for his father
  • $225: convection oven
  • $432: threshold table & chairs
  • $1,460: flatware in the Chinon pattern
  • $73: Victorian-style ceramic canister set
  • $183: cookware imported for Denmark
  • $17 on a GC

Gary: $7K/Virginia: $1,625/Jan: ZILCH

Round 4: PHRASE

Everybody: missed w/ F, D, and N, respectively

Gary: $250 M, $350 H



_ _ _ M / _ _
_ _ _ _ _ H _

Consonants were worth $350 apiece. This round, BTW, is played for a Giorgio GC.

Gary: G (DUD)
Virginia: 2 R’s
Jan: 2 T’s
Gary: B

R _ _ M / T _
B R _ _ T H _

Gary had ROOM TO BREATHE for $950 and the undefeated championship.

Round 1G (Gary)
Round 2D (Virginia), L (Jan)
Round 3A (Jan)
Round 4F, G (Gary)
D (Virginia)
N (Jan)

Gary: $7,950 (leaves w/ $16,800)/Virginia: $1,625/Jan: PARTING GIFTS

GT: $9,525


Daytime WoF Recap: March 25,1980

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Over $46K waiting to be won including…

  • $4K pearl and coral bead bracelet
  • contemporary brass desk
  • Colonial Heritage tour

Mazel Burlew (female): medical record administrator and librarian who’s also a poet originally from Houston

Bob Parisi: grants coordinator and law student about to graduate from Skokie, IL

Kevin Gagne: 2-day champ w/ $6,350

Round 1: PERSON

Mazel: instant dud of N

Bob: $200 T, S for sorry

Kevin: L for lost turn

Mazel: $700 R pair, one E, two A’s, $1,200 G pair, solve…

G A R _ _

She IDed actress GRETA GARBO for $1,400, which she would spend in the utility center.

  • $820: Kelvinator washer/dryer
  • $550: Kelvinator refrigerator/freezer
  • $30: on a GC

Round 2: TITLE

Bob: $1,800 T pair, $300 H pair, four E’s, $500 S, one A, $600 L, $1K C pair, solve…

E L E C T _ _ C
H _ _ S E _ A _

He IDed the Western/romance film “THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN” for $3,700 — PR. To the bedroom showcase…

  • $1,355: Swan brass bed
  • $500: India Inc. quilt
  • $1,425: Swan brass desk and chair
  • $278: pair of benches from W & J Sloane
  • $70: William Morrow books
  • $72: on a GC

Mazel: $1,400/Bob: $3,700/Kevin: NIL


Kevin: $300 N pair, four A’s, $1,600 R pair (almost to $1,500), solve…

R A _ N / R A _ N
_ _ / A _ A _

“RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY” is the nursery rhyme for $1,650 — PR #2. To the Touch of the Orient showcase…

  • $997: bar/stereo cabinet
  • $435: Yashica camera
  • $139: Chinese picture
  • $79 on a GC

Mazel: $1,400/Bob: $3,700/Kevin: $1,650

The car available is a Pontiac LeMans station wagon.

Round 4: THING

Mazel: quick dud of T

Bob: $250 R, no S

Kevin: $400 P pair, one O, $200 C, $500 N (NMC), solve…

P O R C _ P _ N _

The prickly living thing is indeed a PORCUPINE for $850. Let’s go back to the utility center…

  • $350: stereo/cassette recorder
  • $325: Vitamix kitchen machine
  • $83: utility room accessories
  • $63: bright yellow towels
  • $29 on a GC

Mazel: $1,400/Bob: $3,700/Kevin: $2,500

Round 5: THING

Bob: instant BANKRUPT in between $600/$300

Kevin: $800 R, one O, no L

Mazel: same BANKRUPT

Bob: $500 S


_ O R _ _ S _
_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

Consonants were worth $250 apiece.

Bob: 2 E’s
Kevin: P (DUD)
Mazel: M
Bob: T (DUD)
Kevin: F (DUD)
Mazel: C

C O R _ _ S _
_ _ M E / _ E _

Mazel got CORNISH GAME HEN for $500. The one item she bought from Touch of the Orient was a mirror for that $500.

Round 1N (Mazel), S (Bob), T (Kevin)
Round 4T (Mazel), S (Bob)
Round 5L, P, F (Kevin)
T (Bob)
2 (Bob, Mazel)

Mazel: $1,900/Bob: $3,700/Kevin: $2,500 (out w/ $8,850)

GT: $8,100


More retro recaps to come next weekend…

Daytime WoF Recap: March 18,1980

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Over $40K waiting to be won including…

  • elegant flatware
  • holiday in Acapulco
  • kayak

Charline Rosenbloom: nursing student married w/ one child

Becky Charlton: 1-day champ w/ $5,050

Les Lange: writer of commercials and movie scripts who wanted to keep his cat out of show business originally from Chicago

Round 1: THING

Charline: $150 T, H for halt

Becky: S for sorry

Les: B for bad

Charline: $200 N pair, Free Spin, Free Spin, D for dud

Becky: R for rats

Les: $300 G, H repeat

Charline: LaT and used one FS, L for lost turn

Becky: P for phooey

Les: Free Spin, M for mistake

Charline: $600 W, two I’s, F for fail and used her other FS, two E’s, $200 V (NMC), solve…

V I N T _ G E

Charline got a bottle of VINTAGE WINE for $650, which she would spend in the outdoor fun showcase…

  • $599: portable TV/radio
  • $36: ceramic soup/beverage mugs
  • $15 on a GC


Becky: $750 T trio, $1,100 H pair, two O’s, $200 S, $400 R, four E’s, $150 D, the B failed her


Les: $1,650 N trio, $150 K, BANKRUPT in between $400/$250 (lost $1,800) and used FS, $600 M, LaT

Charline: C for crud

Becky: $400 W, $400 Y pair, $150 L (NMC), solve…

D R _ N K / T O / M E
O N L Y / W _ T H
T H _ N E / E Y E S

It’s a line from a love poem by English poet Ben Jonson, and Becky recited “DRINK TO ME ONLY WITH THINE EYES” for $3,050. She would spend that money in the fashion showcase…

  • $1,048: Acapulco trip (Paraiso Marriott) via Western Airlines
  • $489: deluxe portable sewing machine w/ case
  • $353: Airway luggage
  • $445: Gucci ladies’ shoes
  • $250: Gucci GC used to buy a lady’s raincoat
  • $225: lady’s fur jacket furnished by Fur Couture
  • $240: ON ACCOUNT

Charline: $650/Becky: $2,810 ($240 OA)/Les: ZERO

Round 3: PHRASE

Les: $1K S pair (just missed $2K), no T

Charline: no H

Becky: BANKRUPT in between $600/$300 (there goes her $240 ON ACCOUNT)

Les: $300 R, two A’s, two E’s



S _ _ E R
A S / A
_ _ _ _ E

Consonants were worth $250 apiece.

Les: N (DUD)
Charline: L (DUD)
Becky: P (DUD)
Les: G
Charline: F (DUD)
Becky: W (DUD)
Les: D
Charline: M (DUD)
Becky: K (UGH!)
Les: B
Charline: J (NMC; and Les realized what it was)

S _ B E R
A S / A
J _ D G E

Charline solved SOBER AS A JUDGE for $250. From the gourmet center showcase, she bought a kitchen cart and cookware for $238, leaving $12 on a GC.

Round 1H, D, L, F (Charline)
S, R, P (Becky)
B, M (Les)
CharlineLes’ H repeat
Round 2B (Becky), C (Charline)LesLes
Round 3T, N (Les)
H, L, F, M (Charline)
P, W, K (Becky)

Charline: $900/Becky: $2,810 (2-day champ w/ $7,860)/Les: PARTING GIFTS

GT: $3,710

MY RATING: 4 (way too many duds)

Daytime WoF Recap: December 31,1979

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Over $43K waiting to be won including…

  • Jade incense burner
  • man’s suede jacket
  • Caribbean cruise

Lou De Larios: retired salesman originally from Mexico City who has three kids and six grandkids

Allan Fix: 2-day champ w/ $9,425

Jackie Tindall: telephone operator and married mother of one originally from Toledo, OH

Round 1: PEOPLE

Lou: $800 T pair, $350 H pair, three E’s, $600 S trio, solve…

_ _ T T S _ _ _ _ H
S T E E _ E _ S

He could’ve gone for the R’s, but he solved THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS for a $1,500 PR, and would spend that in the Escape to the Sun showcase…

  • $1,170: trip to Best Western Pacific Beach Hotel in Honolulu
  • $250: Call Jotter answering machine
  • $70: croquet set
  • $10: on a GC

Round 2: PHRASE

Allan: $400 T (just dodged BANKRUPT), $1K H, $400 N, five E’s, $600 Y pair, $300 P, $150 K


Allan: $200 R, $150 B, $800 L pair, solve…

K E E P / Y _ _ R / E Y E
_ N / T H E / B _ L L

Since you knew how to KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL, Allan, you’ve won $3,750 — PR #2. Let’s go to the fashion boutique showcase…

  • $3,424: 15-day trip to Italy courtesy of Club Universe
  • $320: pocket radio
  • $6: on a GC

Lou: $1,500/Allan: $3,750/Jackie: FINALLY GOING FOR A SPIN

Round 3: PERSON

Jackie: $600 T, $350 S (not quite to $2K), N for negative

Lou: $1,650 R trio, one E, BANKRUPT in between $600/$300 (lost $1,400)

Allan: $700 Y, two A’s (NMV), $600 W, $700 D, $200 H, solve…

_ R A D S H A W

He IDed former Steelers quarterback and current NFL analyst TERRY BRADSHAW for $1,950. To the party showcase…

  • $416: Las Vegas weekend at the Sahara Resort
  • $220: man’s tuxedo from After Six Formals
  • $1,237: trip to Los Tules Resort in Puerto Vallarta
  • $77: on a GC

Lou: $1,500/Allan: $5,700/Jackie: ZERO

Round 4: THING

Lou: $500 T pair, no H

Allan: $800 N pair, BANKRUPT near $1,500

Jackie: $500 S, D for dud


_ N S T _ N T
_ _ _ _ _ _

Consonants were worth $300 apiece.

Lou: F (DUD; he thought the second word was COFFEE — great guess, though)
Allan: R

_ N S T _ N T
R _ _ _ _ _

No need for an INSTANT REPLAY, because Allan knew that one for $300 and has retired undefeated. From the boutique, he bought the McGregor jackets and sweaters for exactly that amount.

Round 3N (Jackie)Lou ($1,400)
Round 4H, F (Lou)
D (Jackie)
Allan ($800)

Lou: $1,500/Allan: $6K (leaves w/ $15,425)/Jackie: PARTING GIFTS

GT: $7,500


Daytime WoF Recap: December 28,1979

November 26, 2023andynwofLeave a comment

Over $43K worth of fabulous prizes waiting to be won.

Allan Fix: 1-day champ w/ $3,750

Mina Brown: contracts coordinator for the California Institute of Technology and married mom of two who’s also an avid tennis player

Susan Bruce: archaeology lab analyst of lithics


Allan: quick dud of N

Mina: also missed w/ L

Susan: $200 R, LaT

Allan: $200 Y, $750 C, $200 S, $200 P, one E, $200 F, $100 H, $175 T (NMC), solve…

P _ S T R Y

Allan solved PASTRY CHEF for $1,575, which he would spend in the kids room…

  • $379: Tasco telescope and tripod
  • $85: Chinon 35 compact full-frame 35 mm camera
  • $300: Telcon cordless telephone
  • $699: Sir Anthony James books
  • $50: Variflex roller skates
  • $32 on a GC

Chuck recalled skating with then wife Jo Ann Pflug once, and while they skated in tandem, he fell and blew the crotch out of his leather pants, and emergency services had to come in. Yikes. 😬

Round 2: PHRASE

Mina: instaBANKRUPT in between $600/$300

Susan: $700 T, $150 N, one O, $400 H, one A and two E’s, $1,800 S pair, R for rats


Allan: $800 K pair, $1,500 L trio, $150 C, solve…

S E L L _ N _ / L _ K E
H O T / C A K E S

Allan solved SELLING LIKE HOT CAKES for $2,450, which he would spend in the gourmet center…

  • $980: Caloric microwave electric range
  • $829: Gibson refrigerator/freezer
  • $400: Hotpoint family-size dishwasher
  • $200: Washington Forge tableware
  • $41 on a GC

Allan: $4,025/Ladies: $0 each

The car available this episode was a Pontiac Phoenix hatchback.

Round 3: THING

Susan: $400 N pair, no S

Allan: no C

Mina: no L on $2K

Susan: $500 R pair, two A’s, T for turnover

Allan: $200 D, no P

Mina: $300 M, $400 G pair, same BANKRUPT she got before (lost $700)

Susan: exact same fate (lost $650)

Allan: $200 B (NMC), solve…

G _ N G _ R B R _ A D

Allan caught the GINGERBREAD MAN for $400, which he would spend in the play room…

  • $199: Golden West Billiards home-sized pinball machine
  • $50: Fundimensions computer car
  • $96: Petersen magazine subscriptions
  • $55 on a GC

Allan: $4,025/Ladies: ZERO a head

Speed-Up: PLACE

After Chuck’s LaT(the slide whistle sounded), consonants were worth $250 apiece and the money earned by somebody would go ona Tiffany GC.

Allan: T
Mina: H (DUD)
Susan: R
Allan: 2 N’s
Mina: C (DUD)
Susan: L (DUD)
Allan: S
Mina: P (DUD)
Susan: D (DUD)
Allan: F (DUD)
Mina: G (DUD)
Susan: B (DUD)
Allan: M (DUD)
Mina: W (DUD)
Susan: Y (UGH!)
Allan: V

V _ _ N N _
_ _ S T R _ _

Allan located VIENNA, AUSTRIA for $1,250 and the maingame sweep.

Round 1N (Allan), L (Mina)Susan
Round 2R (Susan)Mina
Round 3S, T (Susan)
C, P (Allan)
L (Mina)
2 (ladies)
Round 4H, C, P, G, W (Mina)
L, D, B, Y (Susan)
F, M (Allan)

Allan: $5,675 (2-day total of $9,425)/Ladies: PARTING GITS EACH


MY RATING: 6 (too many duds)

Daytime WoF Recap: December 27,1979

November 26, 2023andynwofLeave a comment

I couldn’t find video of this late 1979 episode, but sources say this was an audio recording, and so I won’t be able to color most of the dollar amounts.

Over $40K waiting to be won including…

  • 18-karat gold bumblebee pin
  • man’s fur jacket
  • Trip to Mexico City

Allan Fix: Marine man who works with computers and is MENSA

Ellen Watsaski (sp?): 1-day champ w/ $2,200

Sheryl Smith: homemaker, mother of two and Army vet

Round 1: PERSON

Allan: $100 T, $400 N pair, $400 R pair, BANKRUPT (lost $900)

Ellen: D for dud

Sheryl: LaT

Allan: $400 G, solve…

_ N N – _ _ R G R _ T

Allan IDed actress ANN-MARGARET for the $400. His purchases…

  • $179: World Book library
  • $97: toys
  • $48: ceramic dachshund
  • $76 on a GC

Round 2: TITLE

Ellen: $600 N pair, BANKRUPT

Sheryl: no G

Allan: $400 D, C for crud

Ellen: $500 T, no R

Sheryl: M for mistake

Allan: $400 S, $450 L


Allan: $200 Y, $1,100 B pair (NMC), solve…

B _ B _ S / _ N
T _ Y L _ N D

Allan IDed “BABES IN TOYLAND” for $2,550, which he would spend in the ski chalet.

  • $905: snow and ski package
  • $845: Berkline sleeper sofa
  • $475: 18-karat gold earrings (purchased w/ a Giorgio’s GC)
  • $230: His and Hers Amber Ski Boots (purchased w/ a Gucci gift certificate)
  • $95 Giorgio’s gift certificate

Allan: $2,950/Ladies: $0 each

Round 3: PEOPLE

Sheryl: $4,500 T trio, $800 S quartet, one A, bad O buy

Allan: $800 C pair, $2K H, BANKRUPT (lost $2,800)

Ellen: $350 R, $400 N pair (NMC), solve…

C H R _ S T _ A N
S C _ _ N T _ S T S

Ellen solved CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS for $750. Purchases…

  • $400: KitchenAid trash compactor
  • $306: set of Time-Life How To Do It Books
  • $44 on a GC

Allan: $2,950/Ellen: $750/Sheryl: ZERO

Round 4: THING

Allan: instant dud of T on $2K

Ellen: no N

Sheryl: $3K R pair


R _ _ _ _ – R _ _ _ _

It’s a $400 Final Spin.

Sheryl: D (DUD)
Allan: 2 L’s

R _ L L _ – R _ _ _ _

Allan definitely won’t be able to buy a ROLLS-ROYCE with just $800, but he bought a $640 Whirlpool washer/dryer, leaving $160 on a GC.

Round 1D (Ellen)SherylAllan
Round 2G, M (Sheryl)
C (Allan)
R (Ellen)
Round 3O (Sheryl)Allan
Round 4T (Allan), N (Ellen), D (Sheryl)

Allan: $3,750/Ellen: $750 (out w/ $2,950)/Sheryl: PARTING GIFTS

GT: $4,500

MY RATING: 5 (pretty shaky game)

Daytime – Page 16 – WHEEL of FORTUNE with Andy Nguyen (2024)


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